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A Legacy of Leadership

Last week, at the annual NECA convention in Seattle, Eckardt had the distinct honor of seeing our President, Rilo Stephens, inducted into the Academy of Electrical Contracting. Induction into the Academy is among the highest honors available to a leader in the electrical construction industry and the entire Eckardt team is proud of Rilo for his achievement. What made Rilo’s induction even more special is that he is a third generation member of the Academy- his father and grandfather, both past presidents of Eckardt- were Fellows as well.

As laid out in the Academy’s charter, the Academy exists “to honor outstanding leaders in the electrical contracting field and to preserve and utilize for the benefit of the construction industry the wealth of experience and ability they have developed through their years of dedicated effort.” All three of Eckardt’s Academy members have been among the most respected and involved NECA members in Atlanta. The industry and our company have benefitted tremendously from three generations of Stephens leading the way.

Granddaddy Tillman   PaPa  rilo-stephens

R.T. “Steve” Stephens, Academy ’82         Riley T. Stephens, Jr, Academy ’02                Rilo Stephens, Academy ’17

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