Emory Midtown D&T
Atlanta, Georgia


Atlanta, Georgia

Healthcare Projects
About This Project

The D&T facility includes a basement with central plant and materials management area; ground floor with emergency, radiology, and imaging departments; first floor with three-story lobby, admissions, kitchen, dining and outpatient surgery facilities; second floor with 18 operating rooms, patient acute care unit and equipment clean/storage areas; third floor with labor & delivery, mother & baby, and neonatal intensive care unit; and a fourth floor that houses the cardiology department and the balance of the mechanical equipment. The D&T is connected via a pedestrian walkway to a two-story oncology building that houses medical offices, linear accelerator, auditorium and classrooms.

  • Customer: BeersSkanska
  • Owner: Emory Midtown
  • Type: New Construction
  • Contract: 16,000,000