Emory Perioperative
Atlanta, Georgia


Atlanta, Georgia

Electrical Construction Projects, Healthcare Projects
About This Project

This project consisted of renovating existing administrative space into medical laboratory space, followed by an expansion of the Perioperative Platform to include spaces for operating rooms and pre and post op areas. This job consisted of very work in an active hospital and presented several challenges throughout the two year long schedule. It was a major accomplishment to shift and renovate an entire department, including the demolition of fourteen panels and the rerouting of existing circuits that fed other areas within the hospital, without any disruption to the operation of the hospital.  Upon completion, the Perioperative Platform contains space for the Post Anesthesia Care Unit, Pre-Op Holding Area, Endoscopy Unit, and Operating Rooms as well as a pharmacy, staff locker/dressing room, and administrative space.

  • Customer: Batson Cook
  • Owner: Emory Healthcare
  • Type: Interior Renovation
  • Contract: $2,600,000
  • Award: 2015 Build Georgia Award