Spotlight on Prefab

Our prefab shop in Tucker has been busy churning out assemblies for jobs all over Atlanta. We thought we’d check in and see what they’re sending to our project at Northeast Georgia Hospital Braselton.

These images show part of the new central utility plant duct bank for the hospital. Our team has already delivered 10 loads this size for this project. It consists of 4” and 3” PVCin 20’ lengths and will feed 2 services, 1 generator feed, and multiple ATS’s. Our team has found prefab to be especially valuable for this particular project for many reasons: it reduces our material waste at the site, it improves the schedule, and keeps our electricians safer. These ductbanks are being installed into fairly unstable soil anywhere between 6 and 20 feet below ground. Assembling the ductbanks offsite and lowering them into place fully assembled means that nobody has to work that far below ground in shifting soil.

We are proud of our team for designing, manufacturing, and installing such a well planned and executed product!

NEGA Braselton 1       NECA 3d design